August 2015

Here you see our entire fleet, the Yavari in the background, our dinghy “Meriel”, and our new barge “Victoria” all painted in the livery of the Peruvian Corporation which ran the entire lake fleet of 5 ships for eighty odd years.


Today we launched a (very heavy) barge made of fiberglass which we shall use for many things but it’s principal purpose is to enable us to avoid disposing or our sewage/human waste into the lake.

This will be the first of its kind and we hope set an example. We shall pump our waste out of the ship into two fiberglass tanks on the barge from where it will be pumped into a truck for disposal.

Currently some waste of 100,000 people of Puno is treated but not efficiently before being pumped back into the lake but the majority goes straight in. What we have done has cost us more but we believe that is the right thing to do.