Painting the fo’c’sle – Feb 2015

Painting the fo’c’sle is a foul and asphyxiating job so a break for a slice of watermelon was well deserved! All compartments have now been painted and work is already underway to make and install the grating and ballast.

Grating installed – March 2015

The grating has now been made and installed in all three holds and over a 11/2 tons of ballast loaded into the holds. Maximo Flores supervised the distribution of the 268 bags of sand, each weighing 60 kgs (which were manhandled by our amazing crew!). Maximo was...

The Doghouse – March 2015

“Mauricio Tito Pancca Apaza, our welder and his team of three made our new doghouse in line with the other two on board but more accessible. It weighs over 150kg. (300lbs) so it took some lifting on board and into position!

Life-rafts for the Yavari – June 2015

“21st century Viking life-rafts are essentials for the 19th century Yavari, built by The Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company, London E14. Recently fitted by Amsumar S.A.C. Peru they had to be especially adapted for the altitude and cold of Lake Titicaca so we...

Sea Trials – August 2015

The Yavari has completed her refit and is now undergoing “sea trials” In strong winds – even snow – Ian Biles , our marine surveyor, says “Today’s sea trials were a tremendous success. The ship handles wonderfully” and the Bolinder engine was running so well they...