Restoration – Progress Achieved to Date

Inspections Passed

Since being acquired in 1987, the Yavari has gone through a series of inspections and several studies have been conducted to make it back safe and comfortable for passengers and crew. This work has been conducted for several years of effort, since the state of the vessel at the time of the acquisition was complete abandonment.

Painting the Yavari

Most of the original parts were recovered, restored and placed in their respective place on board the vessel. Once the iron hull painted according to the original colours of the ship and equipped for entertaining on board, the boat of America’s oldest iron opened as the Museum of Peru first ship registered in the National Institute of Culture. (1998).

The Bolinder Engine

Thanks to the support of our sponsors and some of the crew, the Swedish Bolinder engine, installed in 1914, was decommissioned. The crankshaft and other parts were cleverly repaired and the engine was completely restored. The engine is currently the largest and oldest of its kind in operation in the world.


Working on the Bolinder Engine