Restoration – Update

Inspections Passed

Since being acquired as a hulk in 1987, the Yavari has been surveyed, inspected and undergone a complete refit to the standards of passenger safety and comfort in accordance with SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) as interpreted by the Peruvian Maritime Authorities.

Painting the Yavari

Most of the ship’s nautical parts (ie. binnacle, wheel etc.) were recovered, restored and reinstalled. The iron hull was tested ultrasonically for its thickness resulting in two pieces 4” x 4” needing to be replaced. While on the slipway the hull was sandblasted, painted with a coat of anti corrosive marine paint followed by the black, green, red and white livery colors of the Peruvian Corporation, owners of the Lake fleet from 1890 until 1972. The Yavari, the oldest kit built and iron single screwed ship in the world, was opened as a floating museum, registered by the National Institute of Culture in 1998.

The Bolinder Engine

Thanks to the sponsorship of Volvo S.A (who bought Bolinder-Munktell in 1950) and Atlas Copco S.A. the Swedish Bolinder hot bulb 4-cylinder semi diesel engine, installed in 1914, was stripped down, the crankshaft painstaking repaired, and all the parts cleaned and rebuilt. The engine is the oldest and largest engine of its kind – and operational- anywhere in the world.

Working on the Bolinder Engine